Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Blunt Advise.

This was a post on my personal blog but I thought I would share it on here as well...

My Secret

People are always asking me, what are you doing to lose weight? What's your secret? How do you keep losing. Well here it is people. Here is my "secret". (PS, I'm not saying these are weight watchers rules, this is me and what I follow).
1. I don't cheat. I track my points. If I put it in my mouth, I count it. (TWSS)

2. If I don't know the points, I find them out before eating it. (I made this mistake before and it bit me in the ass, can you say 31 point wrap).

3. I don't waste points on non filling, most of the time, high point things. Breakfast cereal, fast food, pop (or soda for my non local friends), cake, cookies etc.

4. I revamped my thought process when it comes to food. This was me before. No way I can ever eat a salad and be satisfied. No way I can eat a cold sandwich and be satisfied. Guess what, Grilled chicken salads are my new favorite and guess what else. That cold sandwich is sure nice to have when you are in a hurry and it's low points. AND the kicker - both are super filling!

5. I don't take nights off. Ever. Ever. Ever. Not even if it's a special event.

6. I drink a lot of water. I mean I'm a camel I swear.

7. I make my meals count. I quit having a bowl of cereal for breakfast because it's not filling and it's high in points. Over my dead body will I have a "shake" for breakfast or a "bar" for lunch. Um no thank you, I'll have my delicious Fried Egg McMuffin for 3pp rather than your 6-9 point idea of a meal.

8. Fruits and Veggies are 0pp - HALLELUJAH, but I don't go overboard on them. Fruit still has major calories.

9. When in doubt, I shoot high. If I'm not 100% sure on the points value I estimate higher than what the tracker might say.

10. Find the lower point options for the stuff you eat everyday. Bread 1pp or 2-3pp you pick. Buns 2pp or 4pp. Hot dogs 2pp or 4pp. Brats 3pp or 6pp. You choose.

11. Get a great support system. That is huge in my success!

12. If I have a craving for something ridiculous in points. I have it. But not all of it. I have a bite or 2 and that satisfies me.

13. Change the way you cook, I cook a lot of things with fat free chicken broth instead of oil or Crisco. You can't tell the difference. I use the fat free soups to cook with as well, lowers the points but still tastes the same in your recipes.

14. Don't think you have to make "diet food" I make 95% of the stuff I used to make. It's called portion control people.

15. I avoid buying junk food. If I don't have it in my house, I won't be tempted to eat it.

16. I don't punish myself if I don't have a loss or if I have a slight gain. I know that I will continue to lose, I just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

17. I don't exercise. Shame. I know and wish I could but I don't have time at this point in my life. This is all been from following these rules.

18. Understand that weight loss is a SLOW PROCESS. There are a million fad diets out there (ahem spray your fat away....really?) but the only right way to do this is to change your lifestyle. You have to want it and you have to be 100% dedicated.

19. I'm not afraid to eat out. Do I do it as much as I used to, no. But I still do and it's a nice treat. There are some great websites that show you the points values for a lot of popular restaurants.

20. Last but not least. These new clothes that are looking fricking fantastic on me sure feel great oh and all the compliments help a little too ;) !!!

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