Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Food Suggestion

  • Light Bread - D'Italiano Light, Village Hearth Light Italian or Wheat, Sara Lee 45 Calories & Delightful - all are 1pp each.
  • Light Buns/Muffins - Village Hearth Light Italian or wheat hamburger buns, Village Hearth light english muffins and Sara Lee 45 calorie hotdog buns - only 2pp each
  • Reduced Fat or Fat Free - NOT full Fat - Cream Soups, Shredded Cheese, Cream Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, broth, Sour Cream, 2% Cheese Slices
  • Lunch Meat - Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh - 6 slices =1PP - you can have 2 slices for ZERO points!
  • Spray Butter! 5 sprays =0pp
  • Laughing cow/Crystal Farms cheese wedges =1pp each! spread on crackers (special K crackers or cracker chips are the best and you get a lot! Pretzel crisps are also delicious!)
  • Oscar Mayer Fully cooked bacon - 2 slices =1pp
  • Oscar Mayer Fat Free Hot Dogs = 1pp each (cheapest at Walmart)
  • Ice Cream = Pudding Pops, float bars, the budget saver bag of flavors (jubilee), ice cream cups, any kind of frozen yogurt or no sugar added, the weight watchers ice cream bars are to die for, dream bars, skinny cow ice cream bars, rootbeer float bars
  • Walmart Salads - in the deli case by the premade sandwiches there are individual salads (southwest chicken, chicken ceasar) only 6pp - it's a great lunch!
  • Fat Free/ Light Pringles - 14 chips for only 2pp
  • Egg Whites = 0pp for 1
  • No SODA, not even diet! THOSE ARE EMPTY CALORIES!!!!
  • Ruffles Lite Potato chips (econo) 14 for 1pp or 28 for 2pp
  • Barry's Bakery Twist = 1 for 0pp or 2 for 1pp
  • Fiber One Brownies = 1 brownie is 2pp (we like the peanut butter chocolate ones)
  • Egg Roll wrappers are 1pp = get creative with these, we will be posting recipes using them later on!
  • Newtons Fruit Thins = 3 Cookies =4pp, 1 Cookie =1pp
  • Pop Chips! 22 chips for 3pp

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